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As I sip a glass of chilled champagne I attempt to disappear backward and reminisce the latest events.

My hubby Trent and I arrived last night on our jet from Carmel, we always liked spending time at our villa here in Cabo. 2 years ago we encountered in Las Vegas while I was working as a dancer. I was twenty eight and he was seventy one, fairly a disagreement but we found we both liked confine bondage and leather.
I always dreamed the sizable life and he wished a trophy wife so we married after a short engagement. I moved from Vegas into the ocean front home in Carmel attach with cook, maid and driver. I luved the flick shagwell pampering not to say unlimited spending.

Life was wonderful, due to his age our fuckfest life was not the most satisfying, Viagra helped some but not enough to please me. I found other ways of delectation which sufficed.
We enjoyed Cabo because we had no staff their and could activity out our desires. It didn't buy remarkable to satiate him and I loved the leather.

On this excursion I was stunned because recently I noticed he had been e mailing other femmes alive to in predominance & obedience which could menace my security if they went to far. About a month ago I had him wear a rod box and I kept the key on a chain around my neck. I liked to taunt his ball sack with him being vulnerable eyeing as I milked.
Today after lunch on the lanai I gave him a Viagra telling I would care for to abolish a session in about an hour and I enjoy a surprise for you. He was so thrilled and took it instantaneously. We agreed to meet in pashto prvate videoxxx the bedroom in an hour, he left to come by prepared. I went to my douche and did my produce-up, hair and perfume.
I clad late in by sunless-hued leather harness, nylons, and hip high 7” heel shoes and shoulder length ebony leather gloves. When I arrived in the tormentor he was clad in leather and on his knees as my marionette should be. I raised his chin with my gloved mitt sneered and superslut smacked him telling linger there I contain a Strange surprise. I opened my suitcase and eliminated 4 cuffs with bind extensions. I cautiously linked them nympho porn to each corner of the 4 poster sofa.

I told him to gather up and lay on the sofa on his benefit commence up eagle. I cautiously went to each corner affixing the manacle to his arms and soles. I told him how excellent and of one more thing, eliminating a ball gag from my procure and positioning in his facehole. I told him I delight in the website of a defenseless masculine at my manage.

I mildly wanked his face and bod with my gloved finger, I perceived so heavy over this scanty masculine. I paid sensational attention to his nut sack beating them easily and see his exiguous bone attempting to capture up bigger inwards the cell.
Oh what off the hook handle I fill for my whore gimp today as I mounted him, I leaned forth unlocking the lock to his box and slump it off, he was wailing with delight trough the ball gag and I laughed with amusement. His lil' fellow sausage was.
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